network Penetration Testing

In the various surveys conducted by different security audit company, one of the greatest threat to internal security is the workers of the company (this is called internal threat), depending on how well the network vulnerabilities are exploited internally, it could pave the way to an attacker from the outside world.

We conduct a detailed and an industry standard Network penetration testing with different tools and different methods to secure the network from both internal threats and external threats. Maideaz technologies provides exhaustive network security testing on your intranet network security infrastructure either from within your network or outside over the Internet. While black-box (external testing) testing is best conducted from outside your network, a comprehensive “Multi-Stage Attack Path” testing as well as protocol link analysis is most effective when done from within your network. We at maideaz technologies simulates the same methods that an attacker would follow to exploit multiple network security weaknesses in different combinations. Individually, some network vulnerability may not be critical, but when combined in certain ways, they can compromise your business-critical data or the company’s network.

Process Structure

Network Assessment methodology
We at Maideaz pay a lot of attention to this seemingly first stage. We understand that to achieve success, we must try and get a lot of details from our clients as regards the scope of their business and what exactly they intend to achieve with this penetration testing.
Information Gathering
Maideaz experts uses a number of publicly available resources to learn more about our target(in this case your organization).We use a collection of both public(Internet) and different tools.
Target discovery & target enumeration
Maideaz experts will get a picture of the topology of the network and connected devices to the connected to different nodes so also a deeper look with different tools will give us different services running on the network. This phase serves as a base for finding vulnerabilities in various network devices which can lead to a serious penetration.
Vulnerability mapping, target exploitation & risk assessment
At the phase Maideaz auditors will now start to look for vulnerabilities within your network and try to exploit these vulnerabilities thus penetrating the target (in this case your organization)
Documentation and reporting
Following the completion of a penetration test, Maideaz ensure a detailed delivery of our findings. The report includes Executive Summary section for the management and a prioritized list of issues for development with practical recommendations for their implementation. We also meet with the customer’s technical team to discuss the testing results and provide ongoing support throughout the process.